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FMC & Tribal Regulatory Jurisdiction

FMC and Tribal Regulatory Jurisdiction FMC’s property within the Fort Hall Reservation is fee land and subject to state/county jurisdiction for some matters and federal jurisdiction for others. On environmental issues, federal laws such as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, … Continue reading

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History of Land Ownership

History of Land Ownership Questions regarding the appropriate role of government power over persons and property have existed for centuries. Such questions are particularly complex when they involve the overlapping and, at times, conflicting roles of federal, state, local and … Continue reading

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BIA Preliminary Assessment

BIA Preliminary Assessment In February 2003, the BIA issued a Preliminary Assessment (PA) for the Gay Mine. The PA recommended that a Site Investigation be performed for the Gay Mine under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). … Continue reading

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Selenium at the Gay Mine

Selenium at the Gay Mine Area-Wide Selenium Investigations in SE Idaho In the mid-1990s, a naturally-occurring trace mineral called selenium, found in the “center waste shale” of phosphate mines (the rock layer found between layers of phosphate ore), was found … Continue reading

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Reclamation at the Gay Mine

Reclamation at the Gay Mine By 1996, FMC and Simplot notified BLM that all the Gay Mine reclamation required under the federally and Tribally-approved mining and reclamation plans was substantially complete. The BLM and the BIA inspected the Gay Mine … Continue reading

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Future Actions

Future Actions The IRODA was issued in September 2012 and the remedial design/remedial action UAO was issued in June 2013. FMC is currently in the middle of a three year process which started in 2014 to implement the IRODA. In … Continue reading

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The Ponds

The Ponds The manufacture of elemental phosphorus required the use of ponds throughout the plant’s history to manage materials generated in the furnace building, as well as the calciners that prepared the ore before it was introduced to the furnaces. … Continue reading

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Ready-for-Reuse Land

Ready-for-Reuse Determination Executive Summary This Ready for Reuse (RfR) Determination is for the approximately 87 acres of the Eastern Michaud Flats Superfund Site (Site), FMC Plant Operable Unit, SRIA Parcels 4,5 and 6. (See figure below.) The U.S. Environmental Protection … Continue reading

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Comments and Questions

Comments & Questions Please fill out this form and click on “Send”. NOTE: FMC Corporation takes its customer, community and business relationships very seriously and has dedicated its resources to providing outstanding quality products and services. FMC will not accept … Continue reading

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Press Releases

Press Releases FMC Remediation – Fall 2015 FMC Remediation Facts Getting Underway 2015 FMC Remediation FMC Getting Underway FMC Moving Forward EPA on IROD – Pocatello Michaud Flats cleanup Thank You S.E. Idaho FMC EPA Ad

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