Ready-for-Reuse Determination

Executive Summary

This Ready for Reuse (RfR) Determination is for the approximately 87 acres of the Eastern Michaud Flats Superfund Site (Site), FMC Plant Operable Unit, SRIA Parcels 4,5 and 6. (See figure below.)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made a technical determination that SRIA Parcels 4, 5 and 6 of the Site, located 2.5 mile northwest of the City of Pocatello, in Power County, Idaho, are ready for industrial/commercial use, including processing and manufacturing products from raw materials, as well as fabrication assembly, treatment, and packaging of finished products, subject to the Power County zoning regulations and to the continued enforcement of the 2010 restrictive covenants and any successor restrictions deemed necessary and approved by EPA necessary for maintaining protectiveness.

The use limitations and technical requirements summarized in this RfR Determination are based on the results of the EPA approved Supplemental Remedial Investigation (SRI) and covenants established by FMC restricting uses at the property (2010 restrictive covenants).

The following are the operative restrictions under the 2010 restrictive covenants:

  1. The Property, and any portion thereof may be used for commercial and industrial uses only. The Property shall not be used or developed for any residential purpose or child care or schooling facilities.
  2. There shall be no extraction of groundwater under the Property for human consumption that exceeds the Maximum Contaminant Levels prescribed by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.
  3. The Property shall not be used for growing fruits and vegetables for human consumption.

EPA performed an assessment of the human and environmental risks associated with using the Site for industrial/commercial purposes during its investigation of the Site. The risk of concern that were identified for SRIA Parcels 4, 5 and 6 were related to potential residential exposure to Site contaminants, primarily via drinking ground water, consuming fruits and vegetables grown on the property, incidental soil ingestion and external exposure to gamma radiation. The existence and enforcement of the restrictive covenants noted above will manage these risks to human health and the environment. This RfR Determination remains valid only as long as the limitation specified in the 2010 restrictive covenants noted above continue to be met.

Additional documents providing information and supporting this RfR Determination include the Supplemental Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) and the Supplemental Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) Addenda, which comprise Appendices D and E of the Supplemental Remedial Investigation Addendum (SRIA).

U.S. EPA Region 10 issued this RfR Determination, effective October 25, 2010.


Dan Opalski, Director, Superfund Division, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Vicki Meadows, Chair, Power County Commissioners, Power County, Idaho

Toni Hardesty, Director, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Documents pertaining to the Site and the RfR Determination are part of the Administrative Record for the Site.,which is available for review at the EPA Region 10 Superfund Records Center in Seattle, Washington; the Idaho State University Library in Pocatello, Idaho, Shoshone-Bannock Library in Fort Hall, Idaho, and American Falls, Idaho, library.

Recently, the “northern properties” (now Power Enterprise Park) received an EPA Ready-for-Reuse Certificate. This means the property can be immediately redeveloped for industrial and/or commercial use.

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Ready-for-Reuse Determination
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