Site Development

Power County Development Authority

In 2007, following completion of the plant demolition, FMC and the Power County Development Authority (PCDA) entered into an agreement for redevelopment of the property. FMC granted the PCDA certain State-side portions of the property and supported all marketing efforts. Under the agreement, all proceeds relating to redevelop of the property are received by PCDA, meaning FMC receives no monetary compensation for the sale or lease of the redeveloped property.

The PCDA is made up of local Power County residents who actively support the site’s remediation and redevelopment, and return to economic production.

Valley Agronomics, LLC

Following the selection of the IRODA in 2012, certainty with regard to remediation resulted in an increase interest in site redevelopment. In 2014, FMC and PCDA were approached by Valley Agronomics, LLC to lease a portion of the site to locate a fertilizer blending and distribution facility on a 20 acre PCDA parcel. In December, 2015, FMC-PCDA-Valley signed a 50 year air rights lease for the project and construction of the facility began in earnest in 2016.

Over the course of the year, FMC made significant rail improvements at the site and constructed the gamma cap in and around Valley’s construction, as well as incorporated additional IRODA requirements into Valley’s facility. The effort to meld the redevelopment construction into the IRODA requirements was challenging but was met with robust effort on the part of EPA, Valley and FMC.

Despite one of the worst winters on record in SE Idaho during the final months of Valley’s construction, the facility opened for business in January, 2016. Highlights of the project include:

  • 26,000 ton dry fertilizer storage capacity
  • 2 million gallon liquid fertilizer tank farm
  • $12 million investment
  • Employment: 46
  • Largest fertilizer distribution facility in Idaho; second largest in Pacific Northwest
  • On-site Unit Train capacity providing growers $20/ton delivered savings; unloading capacity of 800 tons/hour.
  • Total fertilizer distributed during 2017 season: 65,000 tons to farms in eastern Idaho and northern Utah

Looking ahead, Valley Phase II construction will include office, retail and warehousing complex, and propane distribution facility on PCDA parcel north of fertilizer facility. And in the meantime, PCDA has signed a listing agreement with the international real estate marketing firm CBRE for northern properties (73 acres).