Future Actions

The IRODA was issued in September 2012 and the remedial design/remedial action UAO was issued in June 2013. FMC is currently in the middle of a three year process which started in 2014 to implement the IRODA. In 2017, FMC substantially completed capping and seeding the site as required under the soil remedy portion of the IRODA, and is currently working with EPA, IDEQ and the Tribes to design the groundwater extraction and treatment portion of the remedy.

FMC is proceeding to implement the IRODA, which EPA has determined is protective of human health and the environment. The UAO has provisions for State and Tribal representatives to have access to the site to observe remedial work. After construction of the soil remedy and groundwater extraction and treatment system is complete, there will be ongoing operations and maintenance activities that FMC will be required to conduct under applicable federal and state environmental laws. FMC continues to explore appropriate redevelopment opportunities that will return this valuable industrial property to the Southeast Idaho economy.